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          300x600 crossesad

          Color Book Cross Patterns

          Paper Crosses provides a selection of color book, printable images of primarily Christian crosses since since 03/25/2004. The spectacular springtime art forms of Ukranian Pysanky eggs and Easter festivals inspired me to examine the variety of sizes, shapes and styles of cross images which appear on these painted eggs.


          I have included large colorbook, outline versions of many of these cross images which may be useful for craft projects like scrollsaw, needle point or simple coloring book educational entertainment with crayons and markers.

          Designs Traditional and Unique

          Each and every cross design in Paper Crosses represents a distinctly unique rich history for one particular sect, congregation and society. How the differences between each cross design began or evolved is within the providence of clerical records and history books maintained by anyone who could read and write. Many cross patterns represent power factions and appear heralded on flags and other banners of power. Many crosses were carried for peace, prosperity and religious tradition. fivecirclescross1200

          Most of the patterns included here are of the most common or easily recognized symbols of faith as through recorded history. Each cross images comes with a very brief overview of its history.

          Home-Made Christmas ornaments

          Create handmade Christmas ornaments, cross stitch needlepoint and other ornamental decorations for holidays and special occasions with cross patterns of many types, shapes and sizes. All of the cross images in this site are unique and personally illustrated. Each image is presented in outline, coloring book style for children to enjoy decorating for class or holiday entertaining. Also provided are large pre-colored cross images that may be used for printed non-for-profit and personal publications or educational purposes.